Primitives by Kathy Receives Top Ranks for Home Décor, Tabletop, and Inspirational

Primitives by Kathy | Top-Selling Wholesaler

Primitives by Kathy is proud to be recognized in the most recent rankings from Giftbeat, which tracks the top 10 vendors in over 50 product categories by communicating with 300 reporting stores across the country. As a wholesale gift and décor company, we value feedback from our customers and are thrilled to see you connecting with the passion in our products. In this month’s rankings, Primitives by Kathy was ranked as a top-selling supplier for inspirational messages, home décor, and tabletop. Continue reading to check out some of our best-selling designs in each category.

Inspirational Gifts and Décor

In addition to our uplifting Inspiration & Blooms collection, Primitives by Kathy offers a wide range of inspirational home décor and gifts displaying motivational and thankful sentiments. From home accents to functional accessories, you can find inspirational designs on signs, candles, tote bags, hats, and more. Customers called out our inspirational box signs and kitchen towels when voting, and you can explore some examples below.

Inspirational Box Signs

With a variety of styles to choose from, our inspirational box signs feature motivating sentiments either boldly on their own or combined with uplifting art and dimensional details. Box signs are an effortless home accent that can be placed anywhere to add style to a room or display.

You Got This Box Sign
Bee Happy Slat String Art
Start Hiking Box Sign
Simply Blessed Box Sign Mini
Be Strong You Never Know Box Sign
Think Happy Thoughts Block Sign

Inspirational Kitchen Towels

For those who spend most of their time in the kitchen, our machine-washable kitchen towels are an easy way to add function and style to any cooking space. Our kitchen towels displaying inspirational sentiments alongside engaging art are a perfect gift to yourself or someone else.

Here With Us Every Day Kitchen Towel
Floral Bee Happy Kitchen Towel
Thankful Grateful Blessed Kitchen Towel
Bee Kind Bee Humble Kitchen Towel
Beautiful Reasons To Be Happy Kitchen Towel

Home Décor | Decorative Signs, Pillows, and More

Primitives by Kathy has a large selection of wholesale home décor to tie any room together. Our variety of home décor ideas supplements any style creating countless display options for small home décor as well as everyday items. Customers voted us a top-selling supplier of home décor and specifically mentioned our selection of decorative signs and pillows. Heighten any space with the unique designs of our block signs and sitters featured below, as well as decorative pillows that add the finishing touch. Continue reading to learn about some of our best-selling designs.

Decorative Signs

Primitives by Kathy is known for our box signs and the sentiments that make them stand out. The best-selling box signs featured below let the art do the talking. Here are some seasonal and everyday day designs displaying original hand painted and illustrated art.

Cardinal Block Sign
Red Truck And Pumpkins Block Sign
Flower Basket Bike Block Sign
Lavender Block Sign
Moon Phases Block Sign
Campers Chunky Sitter Set

Decorative Pillows

As decorative pillows become more and more popular, we have curated a variety of styles and designs to effortlessly add a finishing touch to any room. Our selection of decorative pillow designs features word art, decorative trim, and embroidered details on soft fabric with most including a zipper to easily remove the machine-washable pillow cover and clean.

Gather Corduroy Pillow
You Are My Sunshine Pillow
Sweater Weather Pillow
Floral USA Map Pillow
Calf Pillow
Sperm Whale Pillow

Tabletop Accessories | Kitchen Towels and Mugs

Finally, Primitives by Kathy was recognized as a top-selling supplier of tabletop accessories, specifically our giftable mugs and kitchen towels. Our kitchen towels are available in a variety of designs and styles, making it easy to express personality in any kitchen. Seasonal and everyday designs adorn cotton kitchen towels that are machine washable for easy cleaning. Our stylish mugs are easy to use and clean with full wrap-around and double-sided designs. Featured below are best-selling designs in a variety of style options.

Kitchen Towels

Many styles are represented in our expansive collection of kitchen towels that are easy to display and combine well with other products to make perfect gift sets. Below are some of our best-selling kitchen towel designs representing the variety of styles we offer.

Love You A Bushel Kitchen Towel
All Food To Lab Testing Kitchen Towel
Deserves A Good Rub Kitchen Towel
Don't Worry Dishes Vintage Kitchen Towel
Don't Be A Smart Ass Kitchen Towel
Love My Golden Retriever Kitchen Towel


From original hand painted art to bold box sign style sentiments, our selection of mugs features styles for everyone. Here are some examples of the range of styles we offer including best-selling mugs from each.

A Cup Of Love Mug
Mug - Rise & Shine
Rise & Shine Mug
Snowy Red Truck Mug
Mug - All You Need
All You Need Mug
There's A Chance This Is Vodka Mug

Thank you to everyone who thought of Primitives by Kathy when deciding who was your preferred supplier of home décor and gifts. For all of our best-selling items, visit our shop as well as new arrivals to see what’s trending. We’re always exploring new trends to design the best products that improve our growing lineup of proven bestsellers. We hope you discover new ways to capture your customers’ interest!

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