Kathy Answers A Question About… Unwinding After a Long Week!

Question: Kathy, it appears that you are always very busy as CEO of a wholesale company. How do you unwind after long days? What do you do for fun?

Answer: My three big dogs help me unwind after long days at the office. 

I walk all three at once sometimes, if I am feeling brave and strong! I have Bella, the Newfoundland, Brooke, the St. Bernard, and Boomer the aging lab!  More than once, I have been approached while walking all three by people stopping to ask if I was a “dog walker” by trade! I guess I have a back-up plan for my retirement days!

polo playerI enjoy doing very simple things on the weekend, things that don’t require much brain power after a long work week. Bella and I frequently attend Sunday afternoon polo games at our local polo club. Many people go all-out in their tailgate parties… I usually take a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers to snack on. I love to catch a few sun rays and enjoy a good game of polo. The event is very dog-friendly, which is a plus! During the game breaks, Bella and I play Frisbee after we take care of replacing the lawn divots!



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