Helpful Tips from the Warehouse Team

PackBigIsn’t it fun to receive packages? We hope that you look forward to seeing your PBK products, especially the new arrivals! Your customers will LOVE the new canvas bags!! But as much fun as it is to open all those packages, there are important business details that have to be addressed. Ensuring you received the items you expected, validating prices are correct, and inspecting for shipping damage are critical steps in the receiving process. The following are few ideas you may want to consider to help you expedite the receiving process so that you free up time better spent with your customers!

  1. Keep a file with open purchase orders so that it is readily accessible to check against incoming paperwork.
  2. Note any exceptions such as damages or shortages on the incoming paperwork.
  3. Communicate discrepancies immediately so that your vendor can validate and make adjustments quickly.

Disposal of packaging materials can be a challenge! Did you know that your local, independent UPS shipper would love to help you recycle your bubble wrap and shipping peanuts? It is a win-win! You don’t add to the landfills, and another small business can reduce their material costs!

Offering a “thank-you!” is always a good thing! Anything you do to recognize your appreciation for your customers’ business is not only pleasing to your customers, but also serves as reinforcement for your marketing efforts. We receive many, many comments from our customers about how much they LOVE the Wilbur Buds we send with your packages! It is our acknowledgement to you about how much we appreciate your business!

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