Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Partners-2PBK News from the Class Act Team.

Here in the Partner Account world, it is our favorite time of the year….SHOW SEASON! With the new catalog hot off the press, and the introduction of TWO new, HOT lines – LOL and Spunky Fluff, we are ecstatic to show you all of the new items. Did I mention our excitement to actually SEE you? We love what we do here, and it is always so rewarding when we get some face to face time with you!

OK, so now I have some insider information…have you seen the NEW vintage pillow line in our Supplement (Quick! Turn to page 104 and 105!). This new line is fantastic, works with all décor. Put these pillows in a modern setting and they shine, put them in a country setting and they fit just right. Who wouldn’t want to show off the little Red Nosed Reindeer, right? This item is Hot, Hot, Hot so get them on order today!

Speaking of new lines, our   “LOL – Made You Smile” line is sure to make a statement in your shop.  If you order a Guaranteed Pre-Pack, which we HIGHLY recommend you do, you will receive a FREE RACK, and it will be loaded with the best sellers.  We are positive that you will sell through them, and if you don’t, we will refund you for the unsold goods. Give our Customer Care team a call and we can tell you all about it!

As always, we the Account Managers of the Class Act team would like to say “THANK YOU” for all of your continued support to PBK. It is customers such as yourself, whom make us get up each day, thankful to come to work. We love being on your team, and we can’t wait to help you increase your profits in this second half of the year with our new offerings.

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