Designs Raise A Smile

At Primitives by Kathy, it’s our mission to provide home décor and giftables for any taste and any preference. It’s why our collections are so diverse because we want to offer it all, whether customers are looking for a simple accent or a statement piece.

But one thing we’re focusing on now more than ever are designs that raise a smile. Spreading positivity from our vision to your stores to customers’ homes has taken precedence in brand new styles. Creating emotional and inspirational designs that translate into joyous products make for thoughtful and personal displays any customer will love!

As always, our LOL – Made You Smile Collection is a reliable customer-favorite that’s always growing. This year, we’ve added dozens of new designs, including new body types in the form of pins, patches, bottle socks, and pet accessories, all of which have personality and humor. Having a collection of cotton dish towels, high-quality hard enamel pins and pet collar charms, nylon threaded patches, and soft blend knit bottle socks offers a variety of textures for an interesting in-store merchandise display with character.

We’ve also introduced a brand new Whimsical Collection that is completely inspired by lighthearted joy and optimism. It would be difficult to look at these styles and not smile with their cheerfully illustrated animal graphics and coordinating, uplifting sentiment (sometimes sarcastic or pun-oriented). Charming felt animals and ceramic planters bring box signs, chunky sitters, notepads, boxes, and dish towels to life, making product tables and shelves that much more exciting for customers. Ultimately, this new collection is fun-loving and youthful, making it the epitome of a feel-good assortment.

Finally, we’ve revamped a collection of neutral box signs, frames, and wall hangings by adding charming felt flower additions. Paired with moving hand lettered sentiments that will raise a smile all on their own, the incorporation of felt botanical accents add an elevating element to make it all the more cheerful. What’s even better is that these styles range from every day to seasonal, so even the holidays can have their own felt florals!

As we mentioned before, it’s our mission to spread the joy and raise smiles through our designs, and we’ll continue to create feel-good styles that keep you and your customers charmed!

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