2023 Supplement Catalog: Porch and Tablescapes, Everyday Gift Ideas

Brand New Collections - Porch and Table Décor, Themed Gift Ideas

Summer is the beginning of frequent gatherings starting with backyard barbeques all the way to holiday feasts. Coming together in-person is back in full swing and this inspired us to focus our mid-year Supplement catalog on decorating the home for guests as well as giving something special. For an easier shopping experience, we designed a two-part catalog. Simply flip back and forth between exciting ideas for porch and tablescapes or curated collections of brand-new and best-selling gifts.

We assembled our outdoor décor, table décor, and serveware into coordinating themes perfect for both seasonal and everyday events. Our giftable décor and accessories are grouped into collections themed around unique people in our lives featuring proven sellers alongside fresh designs. We hope you find plenty of ways to spark your customers’ creativity for their gatherings and gift-giving.

Greetings & Gatherings

First comes the inspiration to have friends and family gather together. Next you need inspiration for how to decorate, and here it is! The Greetings & Gatherings side of our 2023 Supplement catalog has exciting visions for porch and tablescapes that will shape extraordinary gatherings from arrival to send-off. Each section of the catalog is focused on a seasonal or everyday theme featuring outdoor décor and table settings that coordinate to create a visual feast.


Set the mood before guests even walk through the front door by building a themed porchscape. We have added seasonal and everyday porch décor that makes outdoor decorating simple and fun. Below you can read more about some of our newest additions to everyday and seasonal porch décor including wall buckets, porch leaners, and wreath inserts.

A combination of traditional and modern farmhouse styles comes together through neutral tones and natural textures in our brand-new farmhouse porch décor. Greet guests with charming animals on porch décor that coordinates well with natural wood and flowers. Our farmhouse outdoor décor is the best way to introduce family and friends to the farm life fantasy.

Our decorative wall buckets are featured throughout all our new porch collections for both seasonal and everyday porchscapes. They include a flat back design to easily hang flush against a wall using the metal handle. Wall buckets display beautiful full color artwork and are large enough to showcase on-theme greenery and décor inside. Hang our wall buckets on a door for a new spin on a wreath or free-stand on crates and risers.

We’re excited to give customers even more functionality with our brand-new multi-seasonal porch décor and wreath insert sets. We expanded from our wreath inserts to wreath adornments. These are sweet little attachments you can add to your wreath in many ways or display as home accents on their own. Our new porch banners and leaners feature different seasonal designs on the front and back for longer use throughout the year.


Everything you need to create a themed tablescape can be found in the curated collections of our 2023 Supplement Catalog. We focused on some of the most important seasonal gatherings as well as some popular everyday themes including Cottagecore and Farmhouse. You’ll find exciting serveware, table décor, and fresh ideas for inviting place settings. Continue reading to see some examples of brand-new items from our Cottagecore collection.

Forage an unforgettable gathering by layering table décor that is flowing with nature, transforming any tablescape into a vintage cottage style but with modern practicality. Rain or shine, the earthy tones and natural touch of our cottagecore table décor will help create the feeling of a lush picnic regardless of the location. Liven up place settings with elegant butterflies and curious snails as well as mushroom motifs on tableware made with natural materials. Mix with our table décor featuring macramé and textured wood for a unique handmade aesthetic.

We’ve added a large selection of uniquely designed napkin rings to match any seasonal or everyday theme. Our napkin rings have unique details to elevate table settings and can mix and match between seasons and styles. Below are just some examples from our Cottagecore collection.

Celebrations & Gifts

Who doesn’t love gift giving? Nothing compares to the feeling of seeing someone light up when they realize you took time out of your day to pick a gift just for them. Spark the creativity of gift givers with our brand-new and best-selling gifts curated into collections that show appreciation for the unique people in our lives. Our 2023 Supplement catalog features everyday gifting themes including mothers, fathers, foodies, and sports fanatics. While the catalog features some exciting themes, you can visit our Gift Theme page to explore all our gifting options.

Everyday Gifting

We focused this section of our catalog on gifting any time of the year, for any reason, and for everyone in your life. Continue reading to see some of our newest additions and gift themes.

One of our newest gift themes found in our Supplement Catalog is gifts for My Person. Gifts crafted for that special someone you found along the way of life, no matter what you like to call them – your bestie, your forever friend, your favorite person. Below are items from a new collection featuring abstract shapes and warm colors that pair nicely with the uplifting sentiments to bring love and positivity to any space. These everyday gifts were designed with every type of love in mind.

For those who like to unwind and enjoy the moment, our wine-themed collections of gifts will heighten the satisfaction of relaxing with a glass of wine. For the wine party planner, shop our selection of elegant wine glasses and stylish tumblers that will add charm to clinks or our decorative cork holders that help create a home accent full of memories. Even if a bottle of wine is all they could ask for, our gifts pair perfectly alongside a bottle or you can embellish it with one of our wooden decorative bottle tags and wine bags. Here are some of our newest designs featuring hand painted art in an elegant watercolor style.

For the tea or coffee obsessed, it’s all about routine. A morning coffee or an afternoon tea is what gets them through the day. Our tea and coffee themed collections of drinkware and décor enhance a teatime area and express their delight for a daily brew. Show them you take brew as seriously as they do with a gift that easily blends into their routine. For those who stop everything and steep, we have crafted elegant gifts for teatime including hand painted teapots on tea boxes, tea bag holders, and home décor.

They’ll be reflecting on your generosity every time they have a cup in-hand with our durable stoneware mugs and stainless-steel tumblers displaying themed designs and sentiments. For the constantly caffeinated, coffee-themed décor and wearable gifts that let everyone know coffee comes first on the to-do list.

Mom and Dad Gifts

Showing appreciation for Mom and Dad can go beyond just one day a year. For all that they give, our gifts for Mom and Dad offer lovely ways to give a little back. From cozy socks and relaxing candles to elegant display pieces and fun kitchen accessories, you’ll find a variety of designs and sentiments that show appreciation for all the mothers in your life. Present great gifting ideas for Dad from humorous hats to bold coffee mugs as well as fun grilling accessories.  You don’t need to wait for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day for these gifts to deliver laughter and joy. From sarcastic to heartwarming, we have a variety of witty and statement-making gifts that are perfect for gifting any day of the year.

Sassy Pet Gifts

We offer a wide selection of pet-themed home décor and gifts, but for the pet lover who embraces the fun side of pet life, our sassy pet designs hit close to fur-filled home. You’ll have them howling with this variety of everyday pet-themed décor and accessories that are made particularly for the pet obsessed. Gifts featuring sassy hand illustrations of cats and dogs that are paired with sentiments highlighting the reality of being a pet parent or sibling as well as everyday accessories that express what they love about their unique relationship. Our pet themed gifts are designed to celebrate our beloved furry friends in a playfully special way.

Find all our porch décor, table décor, gift ideas, and more in our Primitives by Kathy 2023 Supplement Catalog. While visiting our shop, also take some time to look through our new arrivals and in stock items. We’re always exploring new trends to design the best products that improve our growing lineup of proven bestsellers. We hope you find exciting ways to spark your customers’ creativity!

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