How To Retain Your Top Talent

TSHIRT-BIGIt is harder and harder to find great people to do excellent work these days and once you are fortunate enough to find them, how do you keep them?

At PBK, we have a fabulous team of dedicated, enthusiastic people ready to serve you and we do our best to keep things interesting around here so that it’s always “A Great day at PBK!” So what does that look like for us and what can you do to keep your team happy to serve your customers?

  1. Catch your employees doing something RIGHT! We give “High Fives” (and Kathy Cash) that employees can use at our store when they are caught doing something great. A summary is written and posted so the employee is recognized. A little positive feedback goes a long way!
  1. Birthday Treats! Maybe no one wants to reveal their “true age”, but everyone likes to be celebrated. Remember them with some cupcakes or cookies in the break room. You can also celebrate all the birthdays of the month at one time! It’s a great way to enhance employee morale and it’s not tied to performance or length of service.
  1. Offer a Friends & Family Event with special discounts. Let your staff show off where they work. It’s a great way to spread the word about your business and let your team show pride in what they do.
  1. Length of Service Awards can be offered with certificates or handwritten notes signed by the owner. We offer Logo hats, beach towels, coolers, cash awards and duffel bags.
  1. Logo clothing and accessories for special events or simply for surviving the Holiday Season… “I survived Black Friday 2014”. Our showroom staff has a variety of shirts for special events and the warehouse has a survival shirt for a crazy shipping season. The entire company eagerly anticipates the arrival of the latest sweatshirt
  1. The Holiday celebrations… just find a reason to get together. Whether it’s a harvest party, a chicken BBQ, costumes, or no particular reason at all. Get together and rediscover each other and share a few laughs.

The more you are willing to invest in your employees, the more they will be willing to go the extra mile for you. Those employees will also be in demand and are more likely to be targeted for recruitment by competitors. It will be a good idea to start recognition programs to keep your best workers from finding employment elsewhere. Make it a great day your way!


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